Creators of the Flying Billboard Drone

About USDrobotics

At USDrobotics, the simplicity and natural multitasking capabilities of our hardware allow us to leapfrog ahead of traditional software solutions. Our high efficiency power systems enable industrial class autonomous systems, while our application programmability in the platforms will power a new class of Application Specific Autonomous Vehicles or ASAVs. These are the features of the vehicles of the future. What’s your future made of?

Our History

USDrobotics started with a simple question: “How can we create a UAS that is truly safe for almost any application?”

Our Vision

Create systems that have flight autonomy, yet are under complete system control and monitoring: the drobot. Drobotics technology is a major paradigm shift in how we think about UAS. More info.

Our Reasoning

Take the human pilot out of the equation. With that realization, our research has taken us down a fundamentally different R&D path from other companies, resulting in a completely new class of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Here are a few solutions we provide


Air Traffic Control
Autonomous Platforms
Hardware Supercomputers
Drone delivery
Autonomous Path Planning
Drobot / Trackpath
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Latest News

Drobotron makes national news!

We are so excited to congratulate our subsidiary, Drobotron!  Drobotron, the World’s First FLying Billboard! Central Floridian invents first digital ‘drone billboard Drobotron used for advertising, entertainment  


USDrobotics selected for HackerUnit’s 2017 business accelerator cohort in Robotics.