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In the USDrobotics architecture, a tiered hierarchy of hardware functional units is designed such that each level is optimized for the computing resources and information it requires to operate.  This allows each layer to be greatly simplified while the overall stack, working in concert, has incredible power. The highest level is called a TrackPath. This is a spline-based 4D (space and time) path description that includes the concept of a Hard Fence.  The Hard Fence is another 4D virtual construct that defines the separation between human areas and drobotic areas. The drobot control is designed from its very DNA up to never cross the Hard Fence.  It will dive itself into the ground if necessary to avoid crossing that boundary.  The show designer utilizes a standard 3D animation setup application to achieve complete control over the exact place and time the platform will occupy, and can synchronize the platform and its onboard show controller to SMPTE time.

In terms of power, drobots can be battery powered but if you want a 3 meter Millennium Falcon flying across the park boundary pursued by tie fighters, or a 10 meter Death Star hovering in the background, it needs real power.  USDdrobotics has solved some particularly tricky problems of utilizing liquid or natural gas fuels in low-weight motor-generator sets.  Where a standard drone might be able to support 200 Watts of batteries, a drobot can output up to 10KW of motive and accessory power to resist significant wind drift, lift heavy loads (212 pound FAA limit still applies without special permits) and even large high power production lighting units, and everything has the power of carefully choreographed movement.

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What this computing power gives us above all is accuracy.  Where a conventional drone travelling at 60 MPH might update its controls and positioning information about every 9 feet, drobots operating at the same speed update every 0.001 inches.  That, basically, changes everything.

Everything we do is predicated on safety.  Multiple redundancies, hardware that cannot be hacked, anti-spoofing safeguards, Hard Fence constructs, rapid deployment parachutes and airbags just to name a few.  The integrated wireless pyrotechnics controller cannot fire unless the platform is at its exact place, time, and orientation.  New high efficiency ducted fan motors rather than spinning blades of death.  If what you’re looking for is the pinnacle of safety in a flying platform that can operate show after show, day after day with exact repeatability, safety, and no human operator, USDrobotics has the answer.


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